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Win an Oculus Go at this year's Otronicon VR Game Jam!
January 3, 2019
E2i rocks the USA Science & Engineering Festival!
April 8, 2018

E2i Creative Studio is proud to have been invited by the DHS Science & Technology First Responder Group to Washington DC on April 6-8th

“High Risk, Low Frequency” presents unique Opportunities for Research
March 12, 2018

E2i researchers have been creatively exploring the area of situational awareness and decision-making under stress for over 10 years. The lab is very proud to be partnering with DHS S&T on multiple initiatives for improving competency in incident command for first responders.  

Intern spotlight: Exploring Transcending Disability in VR
February 1, 2018

E2i interns partnered with rehabilitation students and a clinical patient at UCF’s Aphasia House to design a prototype for a VR therapy environment for Aphasia, a communicative disorder resulting from, among other things, traumatic brain injury. The result is severe difficulty in speaking.

JAM WITH COZMO! It’s time for Otronicon 2018
January 9, 2018

JAM WITH COZMO! It’s time for Otronicon 2018 and the annual game jam is upon us! This year we are utilizing Cozmo, the little bot with LOTS of personality!
Participants will be engaging at three different levels.
• Level 1: Create a film no longer than 2 minutes where Cozmo is the main character
• Level 2: Create an experience using Cozmo’s Code Lab
• Level 3: Using Python, code an experience where Cozmo must interact with a human