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E2i Awarded HoloLens Development Kits from Microsoft
November 18, 2015

On November 11, 2015, E2i Creative Studio was among 10 academic research institutional teams to be awarded two Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition devices.

These research institutions will be pushing the boundaries of applications through creative content development.

Our selected Microsoft award proposal, Memory Lens:  A Dynamic Tool for Capturing Societal Memory, explores the unique capabilities of the Microsoft HoloLens to facilitate intergenerational transfer of knowledge about key historical periods between youth and elders and to gather what we refer to as Micro-Oral Histories (MOH).  The centerpiece of Memory Lens is intergenerational learning as facilitated by child-adult interaction. The proposed experience is an interactive “Play and Tell” that utilizes the gesture capabilities of the HoloLens to examine preloaded and user-generated content based on a topic/era. Objects can be 3D models, photographs, video, audio, and related MOHs. Experience progression is facilitated by interaction with the virtual objects via the HoloLens’ gesture capabilities and the contribution of MOHs and scanned materials.

Oral histories are typically lengthy interviews on specific topics or entire life stories that help to preserve key historical events/periods and societal memory. However, shorter but equally compelling information is often left unrecorded. Further, triggering personal reflections in a natural conversational manner is quite difficult.  The HoloLens will be the interface for an experience using 3D and other objects that provide  discussion cues to facilitate elders’  sharing of personal MOHs of these periods. The content of the MOH will be electronically transcribed to unlock the educational content and shared with subsequent application users. Users also can capture 3D objects to be added to the experience, thus creating a dynamic intergenerational sharing and learning platform.

You can read more about the awardees and HoloLens here.