E2i interns partnered with rehabilitation students and a clinical patient at UCF’s Aphasia House to design a prototype for a VR therapy environment for Aphasia, a communicative disorder resulting from, among other things, traumatic brain injury. The result is severe difficulty in speaking.

Over the course of the spring of 2017 the patient, using a Vive, designed his own world. He talked with the students, who then developed the world further in Unity with the patient’s input. This iterative cycle culminated in a final presentation on the journey, captured online by the Orlando Sentinel in a moving story of transcending disability. This glimpse into the possibilities for engagement are what make E2i an amazing place to work! You can read the story here

E2i internships are available for any students at UCF. We welcome diverse skills and perspectives! To apply for the lab’s limited number of high-level slots, go to our Contacts page, and click on “Intern Application”; then work through the questions that follow. We can’t wait to review your portfolio!