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Association of Professional Futurists
May 7, 2013

Last week Orlando was the gathering place for the Association of Professional Futurists, and E2i Creative had two opportunities to interact with these fascinating, thought-provoking consultants.  On Friday, May 3rd, the Gathering met at IST in the morning and toured several IST labs, including E2i Creative, where they saw compelling simulations from three specific projects.  On Saturday evening, a Simtacular Sensation event was held at a downtown Orlando club, and E2i Director Eileen Smith and Creative Designer Michael Carney were part of the organizing team, along with several Disney team

Intern Project Featured at SVAD Showcase
April 26, 2013

E2i interns, during the spring 2013 semester, were tasked with creating a prototype for a whole body experience using two Kinect tracking devices. This experience was providing insight into possible activities under a National Science Foundation grant exploring whether whole body metaphors might increase learners’ understanding of physics concepts.  For their project, the interns explored the physics of Simple Machines.

Student Group Wins PEER Award
April 12, 2013

On April 4th UCF hosted the 2013 Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence (SURE) event in the Pegasus Ballroom in the Student Union. Eileen Smith had eight student projects from her SVAD Converging Media course displaying at the event, and one of them was mentored by E2i Creative Designer Michael Carney. Michael’s group was working on a prototype project that supported a new research initiative at E2i Creative where we are exploring how to connect real and virtual environments with various sensors and have them dynamically drive interactions between the environments.

As Young Simulation Industry Matures, Now is Time to Define Ethical Standards
April 10, 2013

Today’s simulation industry with its modern computing power has been around for several decades, and so in essence is approaching adolescence in its development.

And as our industry matures, how do we ensure that simulation design is done in a manner that stands on the most ethical foundation, that truly understands the effect simulations have on the audience, and how the creation processes are formed?

E2i at Otronicon
April 9, 2013

In mid-January, E2i Creative Studio participated for the 8th consecutive year at the Orlando Science Center’s Otronicon event in downtown Orlando. This simulation and video game weekend brought to nearly 10,000 OSC visitors a glimpse of the high tech gadgets and scenarios from the simulation, robotics and digital media industries being developed in Central Florida.