team: who's who
Eileen Smith, Director
  • Director, E2I Creative Studio
  • Research Associate, Institute for Simulation & Training
  • Instructor, School of Visual Arts and Design, University of Central Florida
  • University of Louisville, M.A., Theater
  • Georgia State University, B.A., Speech
My Story
Eileen Smith is the Director of the E2i Creative Studio at UCF’s Institute for Simulation & Training. Her research explores how the spectrum of technology can be used in understanding and assessing human performance – for military situational awareness, for free-choice learning in informal settings, for classroom performance, for physical and cognitive rehabilitation. Her current research initiatives focus around scaffolding naïve learners into advanced learners, and include Learning in Informal Settings including museums and urban environments, Situational Awareness for first responders both military and civilian in the broadest definition, and Healthy Living, which spans topics such as recovery from service for military members, obesity and diabetes prevention in adolescents and young adults, and increasing quality of life and recognition of value for long-term TBI survivors, both civilian and military. Ms. Smith is an instructor in the School of Visual Arts & Design, charged with engaging students in the creation of digital media products – serious games, professional training scenarios, assistive and cueing elements for improving quality of life. She drives students to express their creativity, and broaden their perspective on interactivity. She holds a BA from Georgia State University, and a MA from University of Louisville.