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Gabriel Ramos-Colon
Gabriel Ramos-Colon
Concept Artist
  • Character Sheets
  • Concept Art
  • University of Central Florida, B.A., Digital Media
My Story
Gabriel Ramos currently works as a 2D concept artist/illustrator in-house, as well as freelance. Gabriel started working at E2i Creative Studio in 2015 as a concept artist while still working on his B.A. Degree. His focus is in the development of high-concept art for projects to set the aesthetic style, or present options for the team to expand upon. When not working on client work, he likes to experience different cultures, work on his portfolio, expanding his skill set, painting in traditional format, and producing designs for his games and personal projects. A certified TEFL teacher, Gabriel speaks Spanish, English, as well as Mandarin Chinese, and teaches English to foreigners when he has time.