team: who's who
Matin Salemirad
Matin Salemirad
Graduate Research Assistant 
  • University of Central Florida, M.F.A., Digital Media (in progress)
  • University of Central Florida, M.S., Electrical Engineering
  • University of Tehran, Iran, M.S., Atmosphere Physics
  • University of Technology, Iran, B.S., Electrical Engineering
My Story
Matin is a graduate research assistant at E2i Creative Studio lab. She studies engineering and science. Her passion is education and finding better ways to help students enjoy the school. She is working on finding best ways to bring technology into the class rooms in order to make a better environment for students with ASD learn better and faster. She built skills in game programming, web design, and research management. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, an engineer husband and two awesome boys. She loves reading, swimming, and doing yoga. She is grateful for a supportive family and amazing group of friends.