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E2i Creative Studio weaves diverse partnerships that engage all types of academic, civic and commercial circles. We thrive by engaging, partnering, leveraging the next generation talent, tools and techniques from all places, to drive true innovation. Together we are greater than the sum of our parts. We have a global perspective on pushing applied media innovations into real-world experiential venues.

E2i designs and produces modeling and simulation projects that apply emerging technologies in order to research their effectiveness as tools for diverse uses/audiences. Projects range across the spectrum of mixed and augmented reality. We use the tools from digital media, computer science and diverse disciplines to produce simulation and media projects that explore human performance. We bring together a talented team that involves research faculty, professional creative staff and top-quality students.

Our facilities include two high-bay spaces totaling 4500 square feet, along with creative development offices and team spaces. We also share an audio production studio located in our facility with a partnering lab at MCL. Equipment includes a stationary green screen for video capture as well as two curtained systems (one installed and one portable) for use in augmented virtual reality experiences (ones that create a virtual environment around the live participant.) We partner with local professional firms for creating physical sets for our immersive high-end projects. We have a motion capture system that allows for motion capture both in the production pipeline of character animation and for live motion capture of participants within scenarios.


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