assistant Director

Carole McDaniel

  • Research Associate, Institute for Simulation & Training
  • University of Central Florida, M.A., Film & Digital Media
  • University of Central Florida, B.A., Graphic Design
  • University of Central Florida, B.A., Radio & Television
My Story

Carole McDaniel is a research associate in the E2i Creative studio, focusing on narrative, proposal writing, and interface design. She began her career at IST as an information systems manager in 2002 while working on her undergraduate degrees in Graphic Design and Radio & Television.

After gaining experience in both interface design and project management, she went on to obtain an M.A. in Digital Media at UCF, with a focus on visual language and interactive media. Having moved to the E2i team in 2016, she brings a creative eye for detail and a passion for story.

She is an information architect at heart, and is always looking at different ways to disseminate information in order to facilitate a deeper understanding of its content.

In her spare time, Carole enjoys the rare date-night with her husband, making up word puns with her oldest child, cooking with her middle child, and baby-wearing her youngest. She also enjoys ‘starting’ Pinterest projects, eating dessert every single day, and singing loudly in her car.

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