MR Kitchen

MCL partnered with the UCF Department of Communicative Disorders to develop and test a mixed reality experience that replicated the kitchen of a stroke patient. The physical setting was a low-cost replication of his kitchen, painted chromakey green. Using the Canon Coaster HMD the patient saw the green replaced by the rich colors and textures of his kitchen. The goal was to see if the patient could re-learn the steps involved in making a breakfast of coffee, cereal and a toasted bagel.


The applied research in this pilot project was to see if the technology could allow the development of a cognitive rehabilitation system that allowed therapists to explore cuing, contextualization and theoretical aspects of cognitive retraining, including transfer of training. This contextualized learning experience will allow the therapist to control stimuli and feedback that would not be possible in a traditional rehabilitation setting. This was our first rehabilitation project and proved quite important in understanding the steps necessary for development of a successful rehabilitation simulation.

Project date:

MCL 2005

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