Water's Journey Through The Everglades

Water’s Journey through the Everglades, funded by the National Science Foundation, explores time, place and scale as museum learners explore the most unique habitat in the world, the Florida Everglades.

Visitors to the Museum of Discovery and Science in Ft. Lauderdale have the opportunity to learn Florida’s Water Story as they manipulate surface sheet flow, how storms manifest differently in wet or dry seasons, and what the Hydrologic Cycle really means.

They explore an Augmented Reality Live Otter Habitat to discover how human development has devastated the other large mammals in Florida, and how Invasive Species brought by humans is changing the Everglades ecosystem in very negative ways. Learners can play against their friends in the Hurricane Game, where they learn how to best prepare their house for a hurricane, and what factors influence the power and destruction of those annual storms. They also travel back in time to see large-scale animations of Prehistoric Florida, better understanding the large and small creatures that no longer inhabit Florida.

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Museum of Discovery and Science

Institute for Learning Innovation

Orlando Science Center

Michigan Technical University

Simiosys, LLC

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