ODDyssey is a web browser game created by four students for their Spring 2011 internship at E2i. Their assignment was to create a first level demo using the Unity 3D engine in order to test its capabilities; their requirements included a fully 3D world to explore, a functioning core mechanic, and designs for the second level of the game.

The group decided on a hack-n-slash game with mini-games such as soccer (featured in the demo) and a special easter egg that requires platformer-like jumps. Unity 3D comes with many helpful tutorials and built-in assets and scripts that made learning the program easier than expected, although the team had to create several custom scripts in order to get everything they wanted to work. The game’s simple controls, comical narrative tone, and cartoony, colorful design are meant to invoke the interest of a wide audience.

ODDyssey’s story focuses on Bowie, our unwilling hero who crash lands onto a strange planet. Before he can be eaten by the local wildlife, a native alien named Lex saves him and tries to escort Bowie to a nearby town where he can be safe. Unfortunately, Lex doesn’t make it — and instead ends up trapped inside her own magic bracelet, which Bowie stole off of her dead body! It’s up to you to make it to the town in one piece so that you can restore Lex to her original form!

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