Sea Creatures

MR Sea Creatures journeyed into the underwater habitat of prehistoric marine reptiles to explore artifacts with the famed paleontologist T.R. Urtle, PhD. Developed in partnership with the Florida High Technology Corridor Council, the project transformed the Orlando Science Center’s paleontology exhibit, Dino Digs, by bringing to life ancient fossils.


This project involved scientific virtualization and its use in free-choice learning institutions. The project extended a physical fossil exhibit on prehistoric dinosaurs and sea creatures by virtually flooding the exhibit hall and bringing the sea creature fossils to life through mixed reality. The portal allowed visitors to see the size of the Tylosaurus and Elasmosaurus as they swam through the exhibit. Visitors manipulated a rover through the space to find virtual items of interest in the environment. This blending of the real and virtual brought increase motivation to visitors, and evaluation conducted shows that visitors were very intrigued to explore this type of technology, and its use in non-linear learning experiences.

Project date:

MCL 2004

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