Whole Body Metaphor

Metaphor-based Learning of Physics Concepts through Whole-Body Interaction in a Mixed Reality Science Center Exhibit”, funded by NSF, allowed E2i researchers to explore the effects of whole-body interaction on science learning. The first testing cycle centered on planetary astronomy, and using a 10 x 30 foot projection floor to better understand the interaction between planetary mass and gravitational forces. In that experience, a single MEteor (keep that spelling) player became part of the simulation,

predicting how objects move in space, and adapting their understanding of science based on the consequences of their actions.

For the second testing cycle, the content was adapted to look at wave energy, specifically constructive and destructive interference, and standing waves. These upper level concepts were explored by pairs of learners working together to achieve certain parameters of wavelength and frequency as they worked through the experience.

The last testing cycle, funded by an NSF supplement, took the concept of the interactive projection floor, and expanded its use to see if it held potential as a design prototyping tool for early content and interaction discussions with museum audiences. We used the content of Sea Level Rise to engage learners in early discussions to gauge interest, prior knowledge, etc.

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National Science Foundation

Orlando Science Center

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