Science Valley

Science Valley tackles arguably the two most important skills that all learners need to develop for success: critical thinking and problem-solving. This project is the control condition in the JUEGA! study involving DRAMA-RAMA. 

The design of “Science Valley” is explicitly keeping those two mechanics front and center as learners are met with challenges. Games as an example of interactive problem-solving are a good metaphor; a game has rules, goals and scoring, and we have seen in video games that players can become fully involved in complex situations, inventories of abilities and props, and data to keep track of within the game. 

As in gaming, interactive learning experiences mandate the learner to take action; the learner is making choices to answer the question “What if?” – learning through direct exploration of parameters and events, seeing the result, and iteratively gaining confidence in learning and competence in topic.

 The 21st century workforce environment requires literate people who understand how to think through a problem and design the best solution, whatever that is on any given day. “Science Valley” is creating an environment to show how innovative development can begin to allow that learning to happen. 

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University of Miami

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