Drama Rama 2013

DRAMA-RAMA is a computer game prototype in which the avatars’ verbal and non-verbal responses are tailored to the responses of the player. The game provides children and adolescents opportunities to practice resisting peer pressure.

Unlike other computer based educational games that involve avatars, DRAMA-RAMA is designed to be played without keyboard or mouse input. The player verbally and non-verbally interacts in private with a group of early adolescent avatars displayed on a large screen, and earns game points for socially competent and effective responses to simulated, every day, early adolescent, interpersonal encounters. The unique DRAMA-RAMA method of play creates a high sense of perceived realness which argues for the skills practiced in game play being more likely to be used in real life.

The game was designed so that players earn points for verbally and non-verbally resisting early adolescent female and/or male avatar pressure to make choices that could get them into various potentially risky situations. Players earn POW points for the Power of Words and V-BAM’s (Voice and Body-language Always Matter) for their use of considerate, convincing, and confident voice and body language. The player’s verbal and non-verbal responses are scored in real time with summative verbal and numerical feedback provided at the end of the game.

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UCF College of Nursing

National Institute of Nursing Research

National Institute of Health

Interactor Simulation Systems

Synthetic Reality Lab

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