Be a hero and command your troops across enemy lines and rescue hostages held by armed terrorists. In cross domain simulation you can experience the next generation training for future force warriors. Richly layered, multi-sensory 3D augmented reality puts you in the center of the action in MR MOUT, Mixed Reality Military Operations in Urban Terrain.


MR MOUT Was a testbed for military training simulations in the context of urban terrain. The environment had real building facades, crates, doorways, windows and lights. These were augmented by overlaying textures and interspersing virtual assets, allowing the creation of a variety of geographical settings that can be used for training within the same physical framework. Moreover, we used computer-generated environments, characters and props to further extend the experience to a four-block urban area. The intensity was heightened through the addition of ambient, directional and point source sound. Standing inside the MR MOUT testbed created the sense of threat faced by a soldier who is open to attack on all sides and from above.

Project date:

MCL 2009

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