RDECOM: Mixed Reality

The IST Media Convergence Laboratory continues the immersive testbed partnership activities with RDECOM, working with the game development team to evolve their current cave environment to a more immersive multi-modal experience. This will be an environment for testing that is not content-specific, but able to handle multiple diverse content scenarios to showcase technology application to training scenarios. The environment will be designed to break through the physical walls and expand the visual and audio landscape to put the trainee into a large, chaotic, changing training scenario with the ability to elicit realistic emotional responses from the trainees.


This pilot project will explore various hardware and software possibilities involving expanding the physical space through blue screen technology in use at MCL, and explore how to potentially use this capability with other game engines/environments; research using movement through the physical and virtual space using camera technology, and explore interfaces and sensing devices such as brain-computer interface devices and galvanic skin response.

Project date:

MCL 2010

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